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Pokemon Emerald Randomizer

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM  is one of the Best Pokemon Randomized Games, Which you can Download and play on the GBA (Game Boy Advance) Emulator.

About Pokemon Emerald Randomizer

Emerald is a role-playing game, Which was developed by Gamefreak and was published by a company named Nintendo, It was released on 16 September 2004, but in 2005 it was internationally available.

The Director of Emerald is (Shigeki Morimoto) and then it was produced by a team of 4 members ( Hiroyuki Jinnai, HitoshiYamagami, Gakuji Nomoto, and Hiroaki Tsuru).

The main artist behind the game is Ken Sugimori and the storyline was written by Hitomi Sato, this game is made for the GBA platform and players can play this game in two modes (Single-player and Multiplplayers) 


The Game is very much similar storyline to Pokemon Ruby but some addition in it made this game super amazing and interesting to play, there are few additional elements in-game as compared to Ruby 

At the start of the game, a character is playing the role of the pokemon trainer, this trainer needs to train his pokemon to fight with other pokemon, To start the journey Trainers need to choose his starter pokemon where he has 3 options.

Then after choosing stater pokemon their journey starts, then Trainer needs to explore the 8 cities and by that time he needs to catch New Pokemon of different types, in 8 cities there are 8 Gym, Trainer needs to get Badges from each Gym by defeating Gym Leaders.

These 8 Gym badges are license for every pokemon trainer to participate in Elite Four, Elite Four is the pokemon championship by which the pokemon world get the best pokemon trainer.

After winning a championship to game restarts, so this is a simple storyline of the game.

Gyms and City

In-game there are 8 Gyms in 8 different cities, every Gym Leader has a different type of pokemon which are mostly more powerful than the Pokemon of the trainer.

#1 – Roxanne City Gym – This is 1st Gym of the journey which is run by Roxanne, and she has 3 pokemon (2 Geodude, Nosepass), Where Geodude is of Level 12 and Nosepass is level 15.

After defeating Roxanne you will get your 1st Gym badge which is called the Stone badge.

#2 – Dewford Town Gym – This is the 2nd Gym of the pokemon journey which is run by the Brawly He has 3 pokemon (Machop of level 16, Meditite of level 16, Makuhita of level 19) from which 2 are fighter pokemon and 1 is a Psychic.

After defeating the 2nd Gym Leader you will get a Knuckle Badge in emerald.

#3 -Mauville City Gym – This is 3 rd Gym of the pokemon journey which is run by Wattson He has  4 pokemon ( Voltorb of level 20, Magneton of level 22, Electrike of level 20, and Manectric of level 24), and all of them are electric pokemon’s 

After defeating Wattson you will get the 3rd Gym badge which is Dynamo Badge.

#4 -Lavaridge Town Gym – This is the 4th Gym of your journey which is run by Flannery and she has 4 Fire-type pokemon (Numel of level 24, Slugma of level 24, Camerupt of level 26, and Torkoal of level 29).

After defeating Flannery you will get the 4th Gym badge which is Heat Badge.

#5 -Petalburg City Gym – This is the 5th gym of your pokemon journey which is run by Norman and he has 4 Normal types of Pokemon (Spinda of level 27, Vigoroth of level 27, Linoone of level 29, Slaking of level 31).

After defeating Norman you will get the 5th Gym badge which is the Balance Badge.

#6 -Fortree City Gym – This Gym is the 6th Gym of a pokemon journey which is run by Winona she has 5 Flying-type Pokemon (Swablu of level 29, Tropius of level 29, Pelipper of level 30, Skarmory of level 31, Altaria of level 33).

After defeating Winona you will get the 6th Gym badge which is Feather Badge.

#7 -Mossdeep City Gym – This Gym is the second the last Gym of the journey where you will get the 7th Gym badge which is run by Tate & Liza and they have 4 Psychic pokemon (Claydol of level 4, Xatu of level 41, Lunatone of level 42 and Solrock of level 42).

After defeating Tate & Liza, you will get your 7th Gym badge which is Mind Badge. 

#8 – Sootopolis City Gym – This is the last Gym of your pokemon journey and here you will get the 8th and last Gym badge, This Gym is run by Juan and he has 5 water pokemon ( Luvdisc of level 41, Whiscash of level 41, Sealeo of level 43, Crawdaunt of level 43 and Kingdra of level 46)

After defeating Juan you will get the 8th Gym badge which is the Water badge.

How to Download and Run  Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM on Android/ PC.

#1 – Go to www.pokemonemeraldrom.xyz and Download the ROM file of the Game.

#2 – Now Download and Install the GBA [Gameboy Advance] Emulator.

#3 – Open the Emulator and then Select Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM from the Downloaded location.

Just follow these simple 3 steps and your game will start running.

How do you get a town map in Pokémon Emerald Randomizer

A town map is the most important item in a game map. It is very useful while traveling from one city to another, so you need to get a map of the game as soon as you start playing it.

In Pokemon Emerald Randomizer, there is no particular map that guides you traveling from city to city, but you can get a map of the specific area.

You can get a Town map in the Pokemon center of each City. The actual location of the map is on the right-hand side of the PC.

How to Restart Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM

If You are facing any glitch in your game or you are stuck in a game where you can’t do anything then in such conditions you need to reset your game, we will give you a simple step by which you can easily reset your game.

You can rest ROM by just deleting the ROM file of the Game and then redownloading it again.

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM Download

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Download ROM from our website which is 100% working and you can play it on android and PC both.