Enter and Activate GameShark Codes in MyBoy for Android.( Simple Steps)

Many bigner gamer or new emulator users get confused when it comes to enter and activate gameshark cheat codes. It is very simple and in this blog post you will learn how to do it quickly.

Before moving forward you must know the basics of using cheat codes, in some cases specific code has a master code and it needs to be activated, then and then only your main code will work.

So keep that in your mind that, while copying the main cheat code from any website, check whether it has master code or not, if it has master code then activate master code first and then move on to main code.

Steps to Enter and Activate GameShark Codes in MyBoy

Step1: Copy the main code and then open the my boy emulator.

Step2: Open the menu selection and click on Cheats.

Step3: Select add new cheat and the paste code and give name to it.

And by saving your cheat code will start working. If it does not work then in the status tab check whether it is enabled or disable, if it is disabled then enable it.

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