How to Get Unlimited Money in Pokemon Firered

Pokemon Fire Red is a game that is famous for cheating, and the article will be on how to get unlimited money in Pokemon Fire Red.


There are a few ways to get unlimited money in Pokémon Fire Red, but they all require some effort on your part. The most common way to get extra cash is by finding and selling rare items, such as fossils or rare Candies. 

Pokemon fired cheat

The easiest way to get money is simply to cheat. If you use a GameShark or other cheating device, you can input codes that will give you virtually unlimited money. However, this takes away from the fun of the game and ruins the challenge, so it’s not recommended unless you’re really stuck.

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Infinite money in pokemon firered 

There are a couple of ways to get infinite money in Pokémon Firered. The first way is to use the “Pickup” ability. Every time you defeat an opponent, they will drop some money, and Pickup will cause your Pokémon to automatically pick it up. If you have a Pokémon with Pickup on your team, simply defeat enough opponents and the money will start rolling in!

Another way to get infinite money is to exploit the game’s trading system. Find someone who is willing to trade you a rare Pokémon for a common one, and then trade back immediately after. Since the game bases the value of traded Pokémon off of their rarity, you’ll end up getting a lot more money for the rare Pokémon than you spent on the common one. Keep doing this and you’ll have all the money you could ever want!

How can you get unlimited money?

There are a few ways that you can get unlimited money in Pokémon Fire Red. One way is to use the GameShark codes for infinite money. Another way is to exploit the game’s trading system.

If you have a GameShark, you can enter the following codes to get unlimited money:

81000F84 270F

81001040 270F

With these codes, all coins that you pick up will be worth 50,000. So, if you find a pile of 10 coins, you will automatically get 500,000!

You can also exploit the game’s trading system to get an unlimited amount of money. Here’s how it works: first, trade one of your Pokémon for a rare Pokémon with a trainer. Then, save your game and restart. When you restart, the trainer will have their original Pokémon back, but your rare Pokémon will still be registered as traded in their Pokédex. Now go to the Poké Mart and sell the rare Pokémon for a lot of money! You can keep doing this over and over again to get as much money as you want.

How to Get Money without Cheat Code

To get money without cheat codes in FireRed, you’ll need to put in some hard work. Here are a few tips:

1. Use the Pickup ability. Many Pokémon have the Pickup ability, which allows them to find items while walking around. These items can be sold for a profit at Poké Marts.

2. Participate in battles and defeat opponents to earn prize money.

3. Complete quests and tasks for NPCs to receive rewards in the form of cash.

4. Search for hidden items and treasures using your Pokémon’s Sense ability. These can be sold for a nice chunk of change.

5. Sell unwanted or duplicate items at Poké Marts. You can also sell rare fossils and other valuables to the right buyer for a hefty price tag.

By following these tips, you can get money without resorting to cheat codes in Pokémon FireRed!


In conclusion, to get unlimited money in Pokémon Fire Red, you will need to use a Gameshark or other cheating device. Be sure to have the right code for your version of the game, as there are different codes for different versions. With the right code, you can simply input how much money you want, and it will be added to your account.

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