[Download] Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

File NamePokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Inspired byPokemon Fire Red

About Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter ROM

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is one of the best modified ROMs of FireRed and has most of the features of FireRed.

But there are some new features added in it by Aethestode, and these features make this  game more interesting to play.

Storyline of the game is completely based on Pokemon Adventure manga and there is no little difference in it.

But there are some new things that are added in the storyline with some new Pokemon which are not part of the Manga.

The boy is the only character available to select, no girl character option is available, this is one of the drawbacks of the game.

Secret features 

  • New events 
  • New Chapter 
  • More than 1 rival
  • New trainer
  • Additional brand new Pokemon 
  • Mega evolution 
  • New items 
  • Re use of TMs can be done
  • Brand new music 

So this are some new and top features of game and many more are still not included in this list.

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