Pokemon Ash Gray ROM Download

Pokemon Ash Gray
File name Pokemon Ash Gray
Inspiration of  Pokemon FireRed
Credit Metapod23
Console GBA
Size 2 MB

About Pokemon Ash Gray

This ROM is one of the best-modified ROMs of Pokemon FireRed, with many new things in it, you will definitely enjoy playing this game.

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This game was released back in 2015 but the craze of it is still alive, and the Creator is still updating this game from time to time.

This game contains new senses as well as new places, which you will definitely enjoy exploring. This game runs on a GBA emulator.

A character you control in the game will be Ash, and the game will progress according to the new map and senses.

The storyline of Pokemon Ash Gray 

This game has a completely new and fresh storyline. The character is playing the role of the original Ash. At night the character is watching movies and then he goes out and he suddenly receives starter pokemon.

Location in pokemon Ash gray 

  • Pallet town 
  • Vermillion City 
  • Pokemon center 
  • Pokemon mart
  • Pokemon Gyms

The Whirlpuller addition, one of the fantastic features added to the Game, is handy to cross Whirlpool, A climbing kit is also added, which is very useful full at the time of Climbing, The map of the game is completely new and we hope that you will definitely enjoy playing the game.

Secret Features 

  • Whirlpuller is available 
  • A climb kit is available 
  • Rock Smash is available 
  • Raft is replaced by Surf
  • Fly is there in place of teleporting 
  • Brand new tools 
  • Brand new map 
  • Sprites are new
  • Brand new Tiles 
  • New events 
  • New items 
  • All Pokemon available 
  • Playing as Ash 

So we hope that you have downloaded the game if you face any problems then comment below.

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