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Pokemon Crystal Clear Download
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About Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM

Pokemon Crystal Clear is inspired ROM of Pokemon Crystal and earlier it is fully story based and limitations were there while playing the game.

But after the new update of the game was released, this game has become open world and now we can play this game as we wish.

In the latest version of Roms Roadblocks and Gym Scaling has been completely removed and hence the latest version has become more popular.

Special Features

  • 2 Town are for option to start journey 
  • More than 20 Starter pokemon as option 
  • Completely open world game
  • 2 compatibility Stadium 
  • Customization of character is available 
  • Pokemon customization 
  • Pokemon as Follower 
  • Rechallengeable gym 
  • New additions in map 
  • Brand new moves
  • Footprint system 
  • New Pokedex 
  • Buying residence 
  • New loading interface 
  • So these are some top quality features of this ROM.

Which is latest version of Pokémon Crystal Clear

Pokemon Crystal Clear Version 2.5.1 is the latest and newest version of the ROM, it is updated and was released in January 2022 by ShockSlayer.

How long is Pokemon Crystal Clear

Pokemon Crystal Clear contains 240+ Catchable Pokemon, there are 16 gyms and you need to get all 16 badges.

It is Open world game so you can’t say exactly how long this game is, but we can say that the game requires 38 hours to be completed.

You can complete this game quickly but 38 hours is required to explore the game correctly and enjoy its every movement.

Ending word

It is one of the best gbc rom, I hope that you will download it and play it, don’t forget to give your feedback, keep visiting the site to know the updates.

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